Members of Amhara region militias ride on their truck as they head to face the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), in Sanja, Amhara region near a border with Tigray, Ethiopia November 9, 2020

On Wednesday, December 30, the Sudanese army announced that it “recovered 80% of its land occupied by Ethiopia.”

The Sudan Tribune quoted a statement issued by the Sudanese army, in which Major General Khaled Abdeen Al-Shami, deputy chief of staff and operation:

“The army has regained 80% of the Sudanese lands that were controlled by Ethiopian groups, and took control of a large number of villages.” Inhabited by Ethiopian militias.”

“The Sudanese army has reached sites that enable it to secure the borders and agricultural lands in the Al-Fashaqa Al-Kabira and Al-Fashqa Al-Saghira areas,” Al-Shami added.

“The Sudanese army is fighting a war with Ethiopian regular forces, not Ethiopian militias, based on the reality of the weapons used with large bullets and long range,” the Sudanese military saiid.

The Sudanese deputy chief of staff added, “The army carried out all its plans at the borders, although it did not reach the final borders.”

The Sudanese newspaper Al-Youm Al-Tali also quoted Major General Mohamed Ahmed Sabir, Deputy Head of the Intelligence Authority of the Sudanese Armed Forces, as saying:

“The security situation has stabilized, and the Sudanese Armed Forces have recovered about two and a half million acres, which were encroached upon by the Ethiopians who invaded into Sudanese territory.”

“Sudan has no hostility with its neighboring country, Ethiopia, and the Sudanese armed forces’ movements inside Sudanese territory are within the scope of their responsibilities to preserve the country’s security,” Sabir added.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry had accused the Sudanese army of violating its borders and committing illegal acts.

The Ethiopian Ministry said, “Sudan exploited the conflict in the Tigray region to ignite a border conflict,” stressing that “Ethiopia will take measures to protect its borders if Sudan does not stop its illegal activities.”

On Saturday, the Sudanese Minister of Information confirmed, “Sudan has taken control of most of the lands that the Ethiopians accuse of encroaching on near the borders between the two countries,” saying, “We believe in dialogue to solve any problem … but our army will do its duty to regain all our lands. Currently our army has recovered between 60 to 70 percent of the Sudanese lands.”