Pantsir S1

A new video widely shared on social media shows a Russian air defense system being moved into a strategic city in Libya.

According to the video, the Russian-made Pantsir-S1 system can be seen being transported near the strategic port-city of Sirte, which is where both the Libyan National Army (LNA) and Government of National Accord (GNA) forces have been amassing troops for several weeks.

In this instance, however, the Pantsir-S1 system is being deployed by the Libyan National Army, who is currently backed by a number of foreign countries, including Egypt, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

According to the Russian publication, Avia.Pro, “On the presented video frames, you can see the passage of the military column of the Libyan National Army, at the head of which is moving the Russian-made Pantsir-C1 complex.”

The publication said that “the complex is supposed to provide cover for the positions of the Libyan National Army, the main forces of which are located in Sirte, and, according to the sources, today, Sirte is under the protection of at least 8 Pantsir-S complexes, and this far from all air defense systems deployed in this area of ​​the North African state.”

It should be noted that the Libyan National Army has several Russian-made air defense systems, including a plethora of Pantsir-S1s, which have been used on several occasions to shoot down enemy aircraft.