The Military Information Division of the General Command confirmed that for the sixth consecutive day, the armed forces units repelled the attacks launched by the militants of Ankara-proxy Government of National Accord (GNA) on the axes south of Tripoli.

(Libya, 30 May 2020) – The Military Information Division said that the Turkish-backed GNA’s militants focused their attack since six days on the axes of Ain Zara, Ramla, and the airport bridge, indicating they incurred various casualties along with dozens of wounded and captured, in addition to the destruction of various materiel.

The Military Information Division reported that the fierce clashes are still continuing at the Cazirma axis for the sixth day in a row. It expected the GNA’s militants would continue to fight to implement Turkey’s scheme, which supports them with Syrian mercenaries.

The military briefing concluded by stating: “We are still in position and the Libyan National Army will remain the safety valve for the Libyan state.”

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