The Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced on Thursday, the withdrawal of its forces and their repositioning outside the capital, Tripoli, on the condition that the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord adheres to the ceasefire.

The spokesperson for the Libyan Army, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, said in a press statement today:

“Based on the approval of the General Command of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces to resume its participation in the Ceasefire 5 + 5 committee supervised by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya … the General Command declares that it is relocating its units outside Tripoli with the condition that the other side commit to stopping the violence.”

He continued: “In case of non-compliance with this, the General Command will resume operations and suspend its participation in the 5 + 5 ceasefire committee.”

Al-Mismari explained in his statement that “this step came to the success of the 5 + 5 Committee and its expected actions and in support of the political solution, as a political initiative and in response to the requests of many countries and organizations interested in the Libyan issue, and as a humanitarian initiative and our right to the blood of the Libyan people and the indiscriminate targeting of civilians in Tripoli by Al-Wefaq militias.”

The Al-Wefaq government announced on Thursday, ts control over the entire administrative borders of the capital, Tripoli, including Tripoli International Airport.

Source: Almasdarnews, June 4, 2020