LNA forces led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar declared launching a big military operation throughout cities west Libya.

Libyan army is to launch a military operation to regain Tripoli and other cities west Libya

Official spokesman of LNA General Command, Ahmad al-Mismari said the new military operation will be named Toyoor Ababeel and stressed that Tripoli will be under their control again soon.

An SDC well-informed source said that LNA is assembling huge numbers of fighters which indicates a huge battle is imminent. On the other hand, the Turkish-backed GNA is sending more weapons, ammunitions and members from the Turkish-backed Syrian factions to fight against the the Libyan army.

The source added Haftar forces success in repelling GNA latest attack boosted their morale. GNA had paved the way for their attack with artillery and airstrikes. The source added Haftar forces might take advantage of the opportunity to carry out a counterattack to take control over Tripoli and then other cities west Libya.

All attempts to mitigate the tension of the Libyan conflict failed. GNA had already declared its complete rejection to the ceasefire that Haftar announced in Ramadan. GNA confirmed it would not commit to any kind of ceasefire and failed in its attacks on Tehoneh and al-Watiya airbase.