Jordanian king and Haftar

1. UN reported of military committee 5+5 summit for the crisis of Libya in Geneva.
This summit is a result of Berlin conference and its purpose is to achieve ceasefire in Libya.

2. General Haftar signed a contract to buy six Chinese drones from Jordan.

3. LNA artillery bombed GNA positions in airport road and Abu Salim area.
In Abu Salim area one individual is injured and residential areas are damaged.
Engagements in other fronts of Tripoli are reported sporadic.

4. US envoys meeting with General Haftar.
The US convoys are supposed to meet with Fayez al-Sarraj. It is said the purpose of the meeting is about resuming Libya oil export.

5. According to German foreign ministry, the second round of peace in Libya conference is going to be held in the middle of March in Berlin.