Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi – Reuters/Charles Platiau

Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, affirmed that Egypt’s policy is to establish excellent relations with its neighbors while always giving priority to dialogue with everyone, including Turkey.

In response to a question about whether there is Turkish interference in Libya and the eastern Mediterranean, Sisi said in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, that Egypt’s policy is to establish excellent relations with its neighbors, with dialogue always prevailing, and Turkey should, like other countries in the region, respect the rules of international law and the law of the sea, and not to undertake any action unilaterally without consultation or at the expense of the security and peace of the region.

Sisi stressed that “the Mediterranean Gas Forum, which was established on an Egyptian initiative, is a regional intergovernmental organization that works to respect international law in the sustainable management and environmental preservation of the natural gas resources of each member state … France should join this forum soon.”

“The eastern Mediterranean is rich in natural gas after the recent discoveries that were made in it. We are winning the logic of cooperation with our allies and partners, including France, for an organized political dialogue on natural gas. This organization will give priority to settling issues related to maritime borders,” he said.

He was then asked about whether a military confrontation between Egypt and Turkey is still a possibility in Libya: “Egypt is working to reach a comprehensive political solution that remains the only possible way to settle this crisis and ensure the stability of this brotherly country, which shares borders with Egypt of up to 1200km. It is imperative to end foreign interventions that threaten the stability of this country, as a result of the transfer of mercenaries and weapons intended for extremist militias. ”

He concluded by saying that “Egypt will never be the first party to attack. But in return, our armed forces are always ready to defend Egypt and ensure its national security in the face of any form of threats.”