BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:30 P.M.) – In an article by the Russian publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda,” the author wrote about why Egypt purchased Russian jets instead of the U.S.-made fighters.

According to the author, “our Su-35 has won the largest export order in its history. This time, Egypt wants to buy 26 such fighters.”

He would continue that this is the largest single batch of this model required (five years ago, China bought 24 aircraft).

Regarding this deal, the United States has threatened Egypt with sanctions and abandoned military-technical cooperation with it, and even Donald Trump has issued an ultimatum to Cairo.

However, this did not deter Cairo. The main reason for buying these fighters is that they can outperform the Israeli and American-made F-15 and F-16 model jets.

According to the author, the Su-35 can travel great distances without refueling. But the Israeli fighter F-15 and F-16 could not boast any of that. The Su-35 is a heavy fighter 4+ (almost fifth-generation), and has excellent radar and powerful weapons.

Thus, by purchasing the Russian Su-35, Cairo intends to get rid of the old French-made Mirage 5 planes. In addition, the Egyptian Air Force fleet mainly consists of recycled American F-16 fighters. The Su-35 has an advanced information management system and a radar station with an Irbis antenna, motors with a plasma ignition system and other advanced technical specifications.

What does Moscow benefit from this deal?

1. Russia is working to strengthen its political, economic, and military technical positions in Egypt. In this region of strategic importance as a whole;

2. The sale of aircraft includes the provision of “technical service” for many years, by the Russians, which certainly contributes to the development of friendly relations between Cairo and Moscow;

3. The deal enhances the reputation and competitiveness of Russian weapons on the international market;

4. The Egyptian demand guarantees the complete operation of the Komsomolsk plant on matters for the next several years, stable jobs and serious profits for the company.

Sources: RT, Pravda