T-55 of captured by LNA army

The battle of the small desert town of Abu Grain in Libya south of the city of Misurata took place yesterday. Turkish-backed loyal government forces in Tripoli launched an offensive in hopes of regaining this strategically significant place they lost during the offensive of Haftar forces after the capture of Sirte. And if at the right hours of combat they reported progress the battle was given the character of a battle of small maneuver operations in a small space. After the arrival of the reinforcement of the Haftar forces, the battle was resolved in their favor. According to unofficial data from a loyal government force in Tripoli, the following casualties were suffered: 25 dead 116 wounded, 3 tanks and 1 armored vehicle fell into the hands of Haftar forces

Radio command vehicle captured by LNA forces
BM-21 captured by LNA forces

as well as one of BM-21 systems. More than 19 vehicles were destroyed. Forces loyal to Haftar suffered 4 dead and 6 wounded soldiers, also destroyed four armored vehicles. The battle of extortion continues along the entire front in Libya. There is no doubt that resources and time are on the side of the Caliph Haftar.